Fudpucker 4-Player Rules Review

We use Old School rules. This is a summary of many. Any questions beyond those listed below should be checked with the Tournament Director or his/her designated representative.

Tournament Director

The Tournament Director (TD) has overall control of the conduct of this tournament and his/her judgment is final.

Player Conduct

The purpose of this tournament is for ALL players to have FUN. Displays of poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Yelling at other players or referees will result in loss of point or serve. Continued abusive behavior will result in disqualification.


Teams may consist of up to six players. Teams must have FOUR players on the court. TD may allow teams to play with less than four, however the games will not count toward the playoffs. Coed teams must have two male and two female players on the court during play.


  • Five minutes maximum between matches in pool play. One-minute break between games in match.
  • NO PEPPER on the court between games. Warm-up prior to game time.
  • THREE hits per player in pregame warm-up.
  • Show time is the end of previous match. If a team is ready to play at the end of five minutes from the end of the previous match and the other team is not present or ready to play, one point is deducted for each minute until 10 minutes is reached. The match is then forfeited with a score of XX to 0.


Referees take charge immediately after previous match. Teams should officiate with a referee and a scorekeeper. All judgment calls by the referee are FINAL.

Referee conducts game of chance prior to match to determine, serve, side, or receive.

Conduct of the Game

All players should call their own faults. If you have committed a fault YOU should call it.

Service Order faults – Referees must monitor service order. If you serve out of order, live with the mistake.


  • No Whistles. Referees monitor readiness of receiving team and direct replay if needed.
  • If a player is not ready for the serve, STOP PLAY immediately. Don’t wait until the play is over.
  • Serving team players may not block the view the of the receiving team.


During pool play and playoffs the cap in each game is two points above the score, i.e., 13 or 17. No cap in the finals.


Side out scoring is utilized in this tournament. You must serve to score.

During Play

  • All players should call their own faults. If you have committed a fault YOU should call it.
  • Players may NOT double or lift the serve.
  • Net serves result in a sideout.
  • Ball is in if it is between the poles completely. Breaking the plane is out.
  • If anything comes on to the court and interrupts play, REPLAY.
  • Player’s cannot go onto adjacent courts or dunes at anytime to play the ball.
  • No Open hand tips aka, Dinks.
  • Hard driven balls may be played with multiple contacts and beach digs. Referee’s call.
  • No touching the net EVER. Continuation rule is in effect. If you foul after the ball is dead, it’s still a foul.
  • Contact under net and going under the net is okay, if you do not interfere with the play of the ball.
  • Jousts at the nets do not constitute a foul.
  • Simultaneous contact- Team opposite where the ball goes out, commits the foul.
  • Blocking- The blocker can block over. The blocker can direct the ball but cannot hold it.


Hand sets must be clean. Referees judgment.  Offensive sets must be at 12 and 6 o’clock positions from setter. Set must be perpendicular to the setter’s shoulders either forward or backward.


A player may substitute in for another player a maximum of three times per game. Substitutions must be for the same position. Non-playing substitutes should conduct themselves as non-players.


Two one-minute time-outs per game.


Format for playoffs will be announced at the Captain’s Meeting. All teams must be present and ready to play at their assigned net at the beginning of play Sunday morning. If a team is not present at any match time, one point is deducted for each minute until 10 minutes is reached. The match is then forfeited. Missing a referring assignment results in elimination from playoffs.

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